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PRspectives offers a range of services to fit the individual needs and scale of the client.  We are unique in that we offer:

Tiered pricing: With options ranging from three months to annual membership, a tailored PR plan comes at a fraction of the cost.  Once a PR plan is created, PRspectives can utilize its media relations to place clients in available TV slots, news slots or match you with media needs.  PRspectives can also provide seasonal businesses with creative plans to leverage the media attention given to those businesses (i.e. florists for Mother’s Day segments).   

Group pricing: PRspectives can allow a business owner/management a classroom and focus group approach, with the ability to service multiple clients simultaneously and provide a networking forum for non-competing smalls businesses to compare best practices.  This will help drive down costs by giving your business the tools to create PR materials yourself while allowing access to the most difficult resource in PR: established media relations.

Scalability:  What happens when your business grows and you need to scale your PR strategy?  PRspectives works in tandem with a well-established PR firm that handles national and international clients.  As your business grows we will be able to easily transition your services to the agency while you get to retain the same team of experts to handle your needs.