Hot Trends in Public Relations

What’s Hot in Public Relations?


As Public Relation professionals, it is imperative to stay up-to-date on the rapidly changing PR trends. With todays easy access to internet services, any company or individual could be mere clicks away from being that next big topic. With that in mind, the most important task at hand is keeping content FRESH! No worries… thanks to social media marketing, keeping your content FRESH, is easily obtainable.

Utilizing many social networking tools can help your company reach the next level nationally and globally. Here are some breakthrough ideas and software that can help you begin dominating the social media market.



This is one of the most popular free social media tools available. This tool allows you to manage multiple social media outlets such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and many other social media platforms, all from one application. You can even use the app to schedule out posts that will automatically populate, at the specific time and date that you set up for it. This is the hottest trend for PR mostly because it makes social media marketing simple and less time consuming!

Raven Tools

This application costs a small amount of money, but it’s extremely helpful for any company. The Raven app is free once you pay for Raven Tools, and can be used on your iPad or iPhone. This app will help measure how successful you are with your social media efforts, organize content marketing, and streamline your use of social media accounts by giving you tools to manage them all at once. PR professionals love using this app as a way to measure the outreach for PR campaigns.


Want to run a campaign with contests and promotions? ShortStack is another popular application that can help you get the most from your Facebook pages, including contests, polls, and analytics. Contests are a time-tested way to stir up all sorts of activity on your social media sites, PR professionals us this software to aid in awareness efforts primarily.

Brand Advocacy in Social Media:

In terms of trends in PR, this one is highly interactive and worthwhile. There are many individuals out there who like what your company’s about. Re-tool your online marketing platform with great stuff that allows them to tell your story for free while social networking. You can interact your fans with an interesting reason to upload their own videos and testimonials endorsing your products or services. As PR trends go, managing unique powers of brand advocates on social media is in the near future.


When used correctly, social media is the best Public Relations aid available. It enables small, short-term gains, with the possibility of creating a long lasting effect for your brands future.